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Benchtop Centrifuges

Capricorn Benchtop Centrifuges are of the highest quality in the medical and clinical trials industry. Capricorn Laboratory Equipment serve the clinical trials industry and our products are ideal for applications where low volume centrifugation of blood or other substances is required.

Capricorn Laboratory supply specialist laboratory equipment and solutions to laboratories for medical research and clinical trials throughout the UK. Capricorn can provide Laboratory Centrifuges, laboratory refrigerators and other specialist laboratory equipment.

Centrifugation can be achieved through the use of Capricorn's Benchtop Centrifuges. Our Benchtop Centrifuge range provides a compact and easy to access versatile centrifuge solution that can be used in any laboratory environment.

Our benchtop centrifuge range is designed to accommodate all laboratory and clinical trials where separation of liquids and mineral sediments is required. Being a benchtop centrifuge it makes a very accessible utility within the laboratory for a range of applications.

Capricorn Laboratories currently supply two types of Benchtop Centrifuges:

1. CEP Series Benchtop Centrifuge
2. Mikro 220R Refrigerated Centrifuge

Our CEP series Laboratory Centrifuges use rotors to hold the testubes within the centrifuge. Our rotors are high quality design and construction and are built to work perfectly with the CEP series. Capricorn can also supply replacement and upgrade rotors for all our centrifuge products. Click here for full details of our rotor range.

Can't afford a NEW centrifuge? Why not look at hiring or buying refurbished centrifuges?

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Refurbished Centrifuges

Have you got a limited budget? If so, this may be the option for you! Our refurbished centrifuges are rebuilt to the highest quality.

Clinical Trials

Our laboratory equipment and medical supplies are suited specifically for medical and clinical trials for enhanced biomedical research.

Laboratory Equipment

Capricorn labs only manufactures and distributes the highest quality laboratory equipment for clinical and medical trials.