Centrifuge Rotors

Polypropylene Centrifuge RotorPolypropylene Rotors

Rotors are manufactured in polypropylene which has a high degree of dimensional stability at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +125°C, allowing for refrigeration or sterilisation as required.

Due to the simple design of the rotors, they can be manufactured to suit sample tubes with capacities of between 5ml and 20ml and the rotors are interchangeable and easily removed.

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Flexicool RotorFlexicool Rotor

Capricorn has recently launched the new 'Flexicool' rotor. This revolutionary rotor provides you with complete flexibility by allowing you to spin various combinations of tubes in the colour coded sleeves.

The Flexicool rotor can accommodate a wide range of blood collection tubes, with capacities of between 2ml and 10ml, and, if necessary, the rotor and the sleeves can be refrigerated prior to use in order to keep the samples cool during centrifugation.

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Refurbished Centrifuges

Have you got a limited budget? If so, this may be the option for you! Our refurbished centrifuges are rebuilt to the highest quality.

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