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Centrifuge Servcing

Capricorn Laboratories are officially qualified to ISO9000 standards to repair, calibrate and service all Benchtop Centrifuges in the CEP2000 range. This service is part of our on-going commitment to ensuring our laboratory centrifuges consistently meet the high requirements our customers demand from our products.

Our centrifuge servicing includes full strip down, chemical cleaning and mechanical breakdown so that each individual component is cleaned and re-calibrated before re-installation. Regular servicing and maintenance ensures that your benchtop centrifuge works effectively and provides accurate mixing of samples which can affect results in clinical trials

Laboratory Centrifuge Servicing

Our centrifuge servicing also covers our range of refrigerated centrifuges from re-charging to general maintenance to ensure consistent and accurate temperature levels throughout the centrifugation process. Don’t let your clinical trials results be affected by poorly maintained laboratory equipment, regular servicing ensures efficiency.

Book your Centrifuge Service

To book your Benchtop Centrifuge in for a service or repair please use our contact form below and a member of our staff will be in contact to arrange collection and delivery.


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Refurbished Centrifuges

Have you got a limited budget? If so, this may be the option for you! Our refurbished centrifuges are rebuilt to the highest quality.

Clinical Trials

Our laboratory equipment and medical supplies are suited specifically for medical and clinical trials for enhanced biomedical research.

Laboratory Equipment

Capricorn labs only manufactures and distributes the highest quality laboratory equipment for clinical and medical trials.