Glossary of Terminology

We understand that some industry related terminolgoy is difficult to understand and often have multiple meanings. Below is a list of abbreviations, acronyms and glossary of terminology for the laboratory and medical industry that we hope will make some of the specialist terms easier to understand.

Benchtop Centrifuges

Benchtop Centrifuges are small, lightweight, easy to use Centrifuges for separating liquids from solids by rotational mass. See centrifuge. A benchtop centrifuge makes clinical trials an effortless process without the need for bulky equipment.

BP - Blood Pressure
The pressure level of blood is the amount of force that is exerted on the blood when circulating it against the walls of blood vessels.

Centrifugation is the process of using a centrifuge the separate solids from liquids, primarily used in clinical trials to process blood samples.

A device that rotates at various speeds about a fixed, central point. It can separate liquids from solids or liquids of different densities by way of the centrifugal force resulting from its rotation.

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials are tests and experiments conducted by laboratories to better understand medical applications, enhance existing medical technology and techniques, increase biomedical knowledge and provide new knowledge for future medical and laboratory developments. To participate in a clinical trial various criteria must be met depending on the type of clinical trial.

Clinical Tests
Clinical tests or testing are experiments that are required for the clinical trial to occur. Each test is a stage required to achieve accurate results to complete the trial.

Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory equipment is required to conduct specific clinical trials and test. In particular benchtop centrifuges and refrigeration equipment is required for a range of different applications.

Refurbished Centrifuges
Refurbished centrifuges are either ex-demo or previously used and repaired centrifuges and are cheaper to buy than brand new centtrifuges. Capricorn labs have a range of refurbed centrifuges currently for sale.

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Laboratory Equipment

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