Laboratory Refrigeration

Capricorn can supply a range of laboratory fridges and freezers for accurate, temperature controlled refrigeration in clinical trials and medical tests. Effecient refrigeration enables sample preparation and storage which can enhance the reliability of all results.

Laboratory Refrigeration products offer the safe and reliable storage of volatile liquids, reagents, chemicals, poisons and samples. Additionally these refrigeration products are lockable to prevent theft or unauthorised access.


  • Maintains internal air temperature between +2°C to +8°C
  • Lockable doors with two keys for product security (07 models only)
  • 'Spark-Free' interiors reduce risk of internal explosion
  • Stainless steel interior and lockable castors for easy positioning on LR1607
  • CFC free refrigeration system and insulation OPTIONS
  • Mains failure alarm (will increase in height by 60mm)
Model Temperature Range Gross Capacity (Litres) Price
LR207 +5C (mean) 82 P.O.A.
LR307 +5C (mean) 107 P.O.A.
LR507 +5C (mean) 153 P.O.A.
LR907 +5C (mean) 286 P.O.A.

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Our laboratory equipment and medical supplies are suited specifically for medical and clinical trials for enhanced biomedical research.

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