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For disposal, please contact us to arrange collection, free of charge in the UK!
Thanks to everyone that supported us for Trek China 2013 – an amazing and worthwhile experience!
Two of the directors will be trekking along the Great Wall of China for charity
Now available online at the Capricorn website
Health Canada and drug giant Pfizer formally announced recently that the company is taking a drug used to treat a rare, but serious, lung disease off the market due to risks of potentially fatal liver damage.
We’ve been busy lately liaising with Video Direct and DSM Design who have been making our brand new promotional video!
Sativex® is an under-tongue pain relieving cannabis spray that meets the medical needs of sufferers of the severe muscle spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) created by GW Pharmaceuticals plc has now been made available as a prescription medicine in the UK.
GW Pharmaceuticals today announced its cannabis-based medicine for multiple sclerosis sufferers will win regulatory approval in the UK before the end of next month.
Capricorn Laboratory Equipment has now added portrait pictures to the team page so you can see the faces behind the titles.
Capricorn Labs are now on Twitter, come join us...

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