Pharmacy Refrigeration

Modern pharmaceuticals need to be stored at exact temperatures. Therefore these fridges have been designed to maintain air temperature of between +2ºC and +8ºC with an alarm system which activates upon higher or lower temperature deviations.

In addition, these fridges automatically defrost to ensure the drugs stored do not lose temperature during a defrost period and/or require further storage space.

Finally, this range of fridges are fully lockable to prevent theft.


  • Glass or solid door with internal fluorescent illumination
  • Maintains internal air temperature between +2ºC and +8ºC
  • Lockable door, 2 keys for security
  • External digital temperature display with MAX/MIN memory for continuous monitoring
  • Reversible doors on all models except the PE/PG1607
  • Forced-air cooling for temperature stability and rapid temperature recovery after door openings
  • Audio/visual alarm signal on temperature deviation, with remote alarm terminals providing mains failure alarm signal
  • CFC free refrigeration system and insulation
  • Stainless steel interior and lockable castors for easy positioning on PG1607 as standard.


Pharmacy Refrigeration Products

Please choose from one of the pharmacy refrigeration products below:

PE items are fitted with a solid door.
PG models are fitted with a glass door with internal fluorescent illumination


Model Temperature Range Gross Capacity (Litres) Price
PE102 +5C (+/-3C) 41 P.O.A.
PE109 +5C (+/-3C)
PE207-PG207 +5C (+/-3C) 82 P.O.A.
PE307-PG307 +5C (+/-3C) 107 P.O.A.
PE507-PG507 +5C (+/-3C) 153 P.O.A.
PE507DP2-PGE507DP2 +5C (+/-3C) 153 P.O.A.
PE507DP-PG507DP +5C (+/-3C) 153 P.O.A.
PE907-PG907 +5C (+/-3C) 286 P.O.A.
PE1607-PG1607 +5C (+/-3C) 444 P.O.A.

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