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Research Laboratory

With the ever growing pressure on research laboratories for medical testing in the UK and Europe there is even more demand for professional, reliable and robust laboratory equipment. It is essential that your laboratory is effectively managed and equipped to carry out reliable clinical trials. A fully equipped laboratory set for regular research to support the ever growing knowledge base in the field of medicine is a valuable asset to the medical research industry.

Reliable laboratory research requires suitable clinical areas that are contaminant free. In developing an effective medical test, clinical trials aid the comparison between medical treatments, medications and other devices and can either be conducted by a single researcher or through an international multicentre with hundreds of dedicated medical researchers.

All new drug formulations, vaccines and treatments must first undergo extensive testing in a research laboratory. Successful test results are then issued to healthy volunteers, otherwise known as phase 1 clinical trials.

In order to manage the research laboratory effectively it must be equipped with the right tools. Sample preparation, separation and testing are critical to test results and therefore will require specific laboratory equipment. Centrifuges are the most effective for in solution sample preparation as they can be temperature controlled and depending on the clinical trial requirements the speed of centrifugation can also be controlled.

Our benchtop centrifuges are compact, reliable and effective tools for sample testing in medical research. In addition we can supply Flexicool rotors with our anodised aluminium Flexicool sample sleeves which are highly beneficial in categorising and maintaining the staging requirements for the clinical trials.

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