Upright Low Temperature Freezers

A new range of specialist ultra low temperature freezers for storage of laboratory products down to -85°C. A microprocessor system ensures safe product storage as well as accurate temperature control and regulation.
Low noise refrigeration system (52 db noise max)

Refrigerator Features:

  • Adjustable height stainless steel internal shelves
  • Special execution internal evaporator to ensure temperature stability in the freezer (+/- 2 degrees C thermal gradient)
  • Microprocessor controlled regulation temperature regulation system with door mounting
  • Easy to read high visibility display for temperature control
  • Audible and visual alarm system, independent from the control and regulation system
  • Air condenser filter with front grid and magnetic grip
  • Cascade refrigeration system using either natural or synthetic ecological refrigerants
  • Service door complete with key lock
  • Innovative - design front door with rounded corners
  • Insulated inner doors in thermoformat
  • Spring lock with different keys (upon request) to have independent compartments
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel internal tank
  • Operates in ambient temperature +10°C to + 33°C
  • CFC and HCFC free refrigeration system and insulation

Refrigerator Options:

  • 7-day temperature chart recorder with circular chart (-90°C / + 10°C range), mains powered, with battery backup
  • Mains failure alarm
  • Co2 back-up
  • Port holes 23mm diameter
  • Back-up refrigeration system
  • Water cooled condensing unit
  • Storage racking system
  • Extra shelves and sliding doors
Model Temperature Range Gross Capacity (Litres) Price
ULT341 -20C / -45C 322 P.O.A.
ULT342 -40C / -85C 322 P.O.A.
ULT531 -20C / -45C 500 P.O.A.
ULT532 -40C / -85C 500 P.O.A.

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