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About Capricorn Labs

Capricorn Laboratory Equipment serve the clinical trials industry and our products are ideal for applications where low volume centrifugation of blood or other substances is required.

Every clinical trial is set up differently, with the responsibility for the supply of benchtop centrifuges falling on one of the organisations involved in the study. Subsequently, Capricorn's customer base can generally be split into three distinct categories: pharmaceutical companies, central laboratories and contract research organisations.

The end-users are of course the investigators, who may either be doctors in general practice or consultants in hospitals. End-users are also beginning to buy their own equipment, in order to be able to offer their services to the industry. 

Our Laboratory Products

Capricorn Labs manufacture the CEP Series of Bench Top Centrifuges and distribute a full range of medical and laboratory refrigeration products, including -80ºC freezers and refrigerated centrifuges.

The CEP Series of Bench Top Centrifuges have been designed specifically for use in clinical trials and are well established as reliable machines, which require very little maintenance. They have been developed to give high performance in a compact unit with simple, easy to use controls.

The range of medical and laboratory refrigeration equipment that they supply from companies like LEC and Labcold covers refrigerators and freezers from the smaller under the worktop upright units, up to the larger chest freezers. All the equipment is CFC free and has Spark Free interiors to reduce the risk of internal explosion. Most models are also fitted with lockable doors for product security. 

Major Laboratory Services

The Company offers the following services:

  • The supply of benchtop centrifuges direct to the investigators, anywhere in the world.
  • The repair, servicing and replacement of faulty or damaged centrifuges.
  • The storing and stock control of a clients inventory of centrifuges.
  • The supply of pharmacy and laboratory refrigeration products.
  • The supply of associated products for the pharmaceutical industry.

To summarise, the Company offers a fully customised service for the supply of equipment for clinical trials which ensures that every detail is catered for, including the rotor design, supply of the necessary power cable and the provision of operating instructions in various languages.

Online Shop

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Refurbished Centrifuges

Have you got a limited budget? If so, this may be the option for you! Our refurbished centrifuges are rebuilt to the highest quality.

Clinical Trials

Our laboratory equipment and medical supplies are suited specifically for medical and clinical trials for enhanced biomedical research.

Laboratory Equipment

Capricorn labs only manufactures and distributes the highest quality laboratory equipment for clinical and medical trials.