Using centrifuges for clinical trials

Centrifugation is the use of centrifugal force to separate liquids from solids within the liquids. Primarily centrifugation is used in laboratory and medical research such as clinical trials. The idea of centrifugation is that the more-dense components of the mixture migrate away from the axis of the centrifuge, while less-dense components of the mixture migrate towards the axis.

Chemists and biologists can increase the gravitational force on the liquid by adjusting the speed of the rotational mass accordingly. This causes the precipitate to gather at the bottom of the sample tubes. The liquid or substance that remains is known as the supernate of which is quickly decanted without disturbing the precipitate, often withdrawn using a pipette.

Centrifugation can be adjusted by increasing the RVM (revolutions per minute) thus accelerating the particle separation process. The rate of separation is also dependant on the particles size and shape, volume of solids present, density between the particle and liquid and the viscosity of the liquid.

The process of centrifugation is achieved through the use of a centrifuge. Centrifuges are mechanical operators that use rotors to spin the test tubes round with a close centre of gravity to create the centrifugal force required to separate the liquids. Centrifuges come in all variety of shapes and styles for different applications and the centrifuge rotors supplied can hold different types of containers.

Capricorn labs supplies two types of centrifuges the CEP 2000 bench top centrifuge and the Mikro 220 R laboratory centrifuge with a range of different rotors for different medical applications. We also have a range of laboratory refrigeration products to help with cooling chemicals and substances under controlled conditions.

All of our laboratory equipment is designed to help with producing accurate and stable clinical trails results and centrifugation applications.

If you require any equipment for your laboratory or medical tests then contact us today and we will be happy to advise what is the best solution for your application.

Supplied with two different rotor applications, swing out or fixed angle rotors. Contact us for more information.


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