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A centrifuge, commonly used in clinical trials for the process of separation in medical samples, is an essential piece of laboratory equipment which is useful for achieving highly accurate sample data. Through centrifugation, where centrifugal force evenly distributes substances of differing density’s, samples can be prepared for testing and medical analysis under highly controlled and accurate methods.

The centrifuge itself is driven by a motor and uses extremely high quality bearings to provide smooth, consistent rotation throughout its lifespan. The rotor holds the sample sleeves and rotates around a fixed axis creating the centrifugal force, similar to that of the G-force testing process NASA pilots must endure during training.

Depending on the clinical trial there are various applications which require additional features such as refrigeration. Capricorn Laboratory Ltd supply two types of centrifuges, the benchtop centrifuge and the refrigerated benchtop centrifuge. Both centrifuges can make use of either a polypropylene rotor or flexicool rotor. Both rotor types are fixed angle which are capable of running at much higher speeds.

Care and use for centrifuges

Centrifuges can be potentially dangerous; we insist that the proper safety precautions are taken when operating any form of centrifuge or laboratory equipment.

Below are some useful care tips for operating our benchtop centrifuges.

  • Always run the centrifuge with full or evenly distributed sample tubes. Failure to do so can distort the centrifuge rotor and or damage the centrifuge. Sample tubes come in different weights which mean the rotational mass must be equal prior to switching the centrifuge on.
  • Ensure the centrifuge lid is securely shut. Our benchtop centrifuges come with a safety mechanism to prevent operation unless the lid is securely sealed, however it is always advised to check prior to switching on.
  • Only use manufacture specific accessories designed to work with your centrifuge, failure to do so can cause damage or injury.
  • Ensure your centrifuge is kept clean at all times. Dirt, grease and grime can degrade the efficiency and quality of the centrifuge over time. Regular servicing is paramount.
  • Ensure centrifuges are stored in a clean dry area to prevent condensation damage to moving parts.

For more information about our centrifuges and laboratory equipment supplies then please get in touch with us today. We can supply a wide range of laboratory equipment for various clinical and medical trials.



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