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What’s in your Laboratory?

Take a look around at your laboratory, maybe your laboratory environment is a bit cluttered with equipment and tools covering the work surfaces or maybe you have a spotlessly clean laboratory where even the smallest speck of dust fears for its life? Either way most modern laboratories require modern equipment to achieve reliable data and test results.

We aren’t going to discuss laboratory management, just yet, but rather take a look at the essential equipment that the majority of laboratories require. Depending on your area of research or type of clinical trial will vary the level and complexity of the equipment required.

In particular if you are managing clinical trials or medical tests you will most likely require some form of sample preparation and/or sample separation equipment. Ensuring your samples are organised and stored correctly will lead to more accurate results. For this we have sample sleeves which are colour coded for reference and can be used in our range of benchtop centrifuges. Each of our centrifuges can utilise either of our centrifuge rotors depending on the requirements of your medical test specifications.

Samples can be stored in refrigerators or freezers and can be temperature controlled depending on the clinical trial requirements. Capricorn Laboratory Ltd is a distributor of medical laboratory supplies. We supply Lec laboratory fridge freezers which offer safe, reliable storage of volatile liquids, reagents, poisons and samples. They are sparkfree which reduces the risk of internal explosions whilst ensuring minimal risk to the environment. They are also designed with built in locks to prevent theft or unauthorised access.

Once the sample has been prepared it can separated using a centrifuge. Using centrifugation is the process of separation within samples which can then be used in clinical trials or place back into temperature controlled storage.

Capricorn Laboratory Ltd carries a wide range of equipment and supplies giving our customers the advantage of "one-stop shopping". This negates the need to make multiple orders from multiple suppliers thus saving time and money.

Buy online or call us directly to order your laboratory equipment today. If you have a question about any of our products, please call one of our technical assistants who will be able to discuss your issues and help provide a solution to your requirements.


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