Sample preparation

If you require accurate, reliable and effective data results from your medical research then sample preparation is a key stage in ensuring so. 60-80% of the work activity and operating cost in research is spent preparing samples for introduction into an analytical device such as a centrifuge.

Effective preparation ensures that the sample has the right amount of concentration to adequate levels of measurement. Removal of contaminants or interfering elements can cause havoc with results and therefore extremely important before conducting the research. Finally the sample must be prepared in solution for subsequent analysis. The most popular method of in solution preparation includes centrifugation whereby samples are spun around a fixed axis causing high density substrate to separate from the low density substrate.

Capricorn Labs supply laboratory equipment for centrifugation including the acclaimed CEP series of benchtop centrifuges. Each centrifuge is compatible with our Flexicool rotor which is suitable for our aluminium anodised sample sleeves. For more information about suitable sample preparation, separation and our range of centrifuge products please get in touch with us.

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