Sample Sleeves

When using a centrifuge or managing a clinical trial, it is essential to ensure effective organisation of samples. Categorisation of sample types, weights, units, measurements or stage of trial, whatever your preference Capricorn Labs has the perfect solution to ensuring that your results are always accurate and reliable.

Our best selling range of sample sleeves are our flexi cool sleeves. Constructed from anodised aluminium and drilled to fit various sample tubes with capacities between 5ml and 20ml. The Flexicool sample sleeves are designed to fit our Flexicool centrifuge rotor. This rotor is unlike any rotor, machined from aluminium it is light, strong and fits perfectly with our benchtop centrifuges.

The sample sleeves are drilled to fit and are anodised colour coded, so when you require different size tubes, all you need are new sleeves. Colour codes represent different capacities for the sample tubes and should be bought in multiples of two as to not upset the balance of the centrifuge.

During centrifugation each sample sleeve must have a counter weight sleeve on the opposite side, otherwise this can distort the rotation of the centrifuge rotor caused damage and possible injury.

To buy sample sleeves or rotors for our benchtop centrifuges please visit our online shop or call us for advice and assistance on what you require.



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