Centrifuge Sales and Servicing for the CEP 2000

The CEP Series of bench top centrifuges have been designed specifically for use in clinical trials and are well established as reliable machines, which require very little maintenance. They have been developed to give high performance in a compact unit with simple, easy to use controls.

Centrifuge Features:

  • The CEP 2000 Bench Top Centrifuge is ideal for applications where low volume centrifugation of blood or other substances is required and can serve as a sole resource in a small laboratory or in General Practice.
  • Centrifuge stability at temperatures ranging from -20 0C to +125 0C.
  • Interchangeable rotors for different test tube applications.
  • The CEP 2000 Bench Top Centrifuge incorporates an electronic lid interlock to prevent access until the centrifuge is completely stopped.
  • An IEC power inlet enables use of any power cable & is independently fused and switched.
  • Reliable
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Robust
  • Easily maintained
  • Light weight
  • British made
  • CE approved
  • Low cost
  • Speed adjustable

We also have a range of rotors suitable for your benchtop centrifuge. For details of the rotors available, please see our centrifuge rotors.

Centrifuge Specifications

Height: 190mm

Depth: 230mm

Width: 230mm

Motor: AC Series 1/15 HP

Max RCF: 4000g

Max Speed: 6000 rpm

Power Requirements:
220-240 VAC 50Hz 3A fused supply

Net Weight: 6.7kg

Tolerance: +- 1%

Our major services

Capricorn offer the following services:-

  • The supply of clinical centrifuges direct to the investigators, anywhere in the world.
  • The repair, servicing and replacement of faulty or damaged CEP series centrifuges.
  • The storing and stock control of a clients inventory of centrifuges.

Capricorn offers a fully customised service for the supply of laboratory equipment for clinical trials which ensures that every detail is catered for, including the rotor design, supply of the necessary power cable and the provision of operating instructions in various languages.

Centrifuge Purchase

Purchase new and refurbished Capricorn CEP 2000 centrifuges.

Centrifuge Rental

Capricorn CEP 2000 Bench Top Centrifuges are now available to hire

Centrifuge Servicing

Capricorn CEP 2000 centrifuge servicing and certification.